Monday, October 8, 2012

The Golden Rule

Global Ethic Bear
     The internet creates a place that can easily be depersonalized. This can lead to people saying harmful things to each other or about one another because the lack of personal interaction makes it seem less harmful when it is not. This same activity also occurs with people's copyrighted work and intellectual property because it is so much easier to steal, say a picture off of a web page, than to go to the artists home and physically take his or her work.
     That being said, there is an easy way to help solve these issues and that is The Golden Rule.The Golden Rule states that you should treat other's as you wish to be treated. If implemented while using the internet, problems of hurt feeling on Facebook all the way to legal violations could be minimized. Personally, I try to use this when on social media sites. If I have a picture at my disposal and I know it will hurt someone's feeling or harm their reputation, I will refrain from putting it up. Similarly, I don't use hurtful or provocative words over social media because many people have the opportunity to read the hateful things. In a perfect world, the Golden Rule would stand strong and no harm would befall anyone but it is not so we must be more aware of our words and actions!

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